When I was 15, I set out on a journey to define my idea of health, happiness, and success, and then achieve it. 

It all started when I began to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show as a way to cope with being bullied in high school. Oprah and many of her expert guests inspired me to reflect on who I was, develop self-awareness, and create a vision board at the start of each new year.

Seven years later, I’ve nearly achieved my definition of health, happiness, and success. Look for an upcoming blog post about how I did it.

Now I want to inspire high schoolers to figure out what their own definitions are and how to accomplish them, like I did, through key life skills and lessons.


My speaking style is raw, authentic, and empowering. I share engaging stories and deliver actionable content that gets directly to the point to effectively connect with audiences of all ages—especially younger ones.

I’m available in person or by video call for any speaking engagement.

To book me as a speaker, please email ilearnwithmal@gmail.com with [Speaking Interest] in the subject line.

For High Schoolers

From Briar Hill Day Camp to Google: Unexpected Opportunities, Failures, & Breakthroughs Along My Journey
Health, Happiness, Success: Discovering and Achieving What They Mean To You
Building Your Foundation and Value System Before Turning 21
Understanding the Art of Networking & How to Start Now

For Teachers/School Administrators
Investing in Alumni Relations at Your High School: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

If you’re interested in a customized presentation for your group, I’m happy to hear your ideas or brainstorm with you.


Miracle Corners of the World’s Youth Leaders Access Program (2014, 2016)
Miracle Corners of the World’s 14th Annual Gala (2015)
Stony Brook University’s First Annual Lavender Graduation (2015)
Stony Brook University’s Boobs & Bras Event (breast health awareness + empowerment event) (2015)
Stony Brook University Social Entrepreneurship Freshmen Seminar (2014–2015)
10th Annual NYU Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (2014)
Miracle Corners of the World Youth Leadership Retreat Open Doors Ceremony (2012)

I’ve also been a speaker for resident assistant programming, various university department panels, and admissions events, and was a teaching assistant for two years for a social entrepreneurship freshmen seminar where I led all class discussions.

*Fun Fact* After I spoke at the Miracle Corners of the World’s 14th Annual Gala, I met the Chairman & CEO of Henry Schein at the ending reception. He complimented my speech and then offered me the opportunity to interview for a position in his office. I started two weeks later as Associate in the Office of the CEO at Henry Schein.